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Establishment, finance and post office at 110-116 Auburn Street, Wollongong, NSW 2500, Australia. Here you will find detailed information about Australia Post - Wollongong Business Hub: address, phone, fax, opening hours, customer reviews, photos, directions and more.


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110-116 Auburn Street
NSW 2500
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+61 13 13 18



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Reviews of Australia Post - Wollongong Business Hub

    Paul BH Added March 02, 2018
    I am very, VERY disappointed and angry, actually FURIOUS.
    They have been told SEVERAL times that my friend has severe health problems and yet they keep carding her small parcels. Until December there was a nice postie who did knock on her door. Then the cards started and after complaining things got worse instead of better. They also carded an express parcel and after we complained the express parcel was redelivered 3-4 days later by the delivery manager, who said very clearly that they were not going to knock on her door again. Although my friend didn't tell him about her health problems in front of her door, she had lodged several complaints and explained her problems very clearly. I had also sent them a fax explaining her problems.
    She hoped that the normal postie would come back, but this is not happening, or (even worse) the delivery manager might have told him not to knock any more (my friend told him that the regular postie did knock, so it was not a problem to knock, and he said he shouldn't!).
    They claim that the motorbike should not be left unattended, but it can be seen from in front of my friend's place and it would be only about 5 meters away (and inside the courtyard, not in the street).
    They want to save money by giving small parcels to posties who don't knock instead of regular parcel delivery drivers and don't take the need of sick and disabled people into consideration.
    Very sad attitude.
    Edit: They have now stopped delivering big parcels too. One was carded as a small parcel (the delivery manager classified it as a small parcel although my friend had paid more for a 500g parcel satchel after contacting the seller!!!!!!!!!) and another time they didn't knock at all and the two parcels had to be sent back.Oh, and they also ignored two requests of an AusPost representative on Facebook. Unbelievable!!!!

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